Equiculture at Alderman Farms

Photo courtesy of Equiculture

After 11 years of caring for retired, disabled and homeless horses of all ages, sizes, health issues, personality types and more, Equiculture recently found partnership and home at Alderman Farm, a beloved old farm with deep roots in early American life. Alderman Farm partnered with the herd of working horses, that now reside in the Berkshires, and are sure to shine together as a reminder of a simpler life and serve as a bright beacon for learning restorative land management practices of all kinds and teach the driving skills needed to practice them with the help of an old partner and friend, the horse.
It is important to note that draft horses worldwide are in dangerous decline. First bred for heavier hauling, they were the power behind our daily lives and even the power behind the very first farming machinery and equipment as we started to mechanize our lives. Not until steam discoveries did machinery start to wean off the need for horses in power production. We still measure in horse power to this day and the importance of their stake in human development deserves preservation and reverence. 

At Four Horses the source of the horse hair in the adornments must be traceable, it must be ethical and also sustainable. With all hair on the open market coming directly from slaughter houses outside the country we needed to work hard to find alternative sourcing or the line would not move forward. The partnership with Equiculture at Alderman Farm creates the opportunity to make sure 100% of the materials are sourced from rescued and loved living horses and affords me the ability to share their story with you! 

Visit Equiculture.online to learn more about their harmonious mission!