Winter Solstice Pop-Up @ Bow Market

Winter Solstice Pop-Up @ Bow Market

The solstices are naturally energetic times in the year with our days on Earth showing the shortest or longest hours of daylight. Two days out of the year that are perfectly balanced and great points for reflection. 

This year the Winter Solstice brings with it the Great Conjunction and the energies of Jupiter and Saturn. They will align and transition into the house of Aquarius and some are saying heralding the beginning (dawning) of the age of Aquarius. (That's right, the one in the 60's songs) An age is based on the Earth's processional rotation and roughly 2,160 years and each age Zodiac sign, has its own overarching energies and focuses. Air signs like Aquarius represent intellect and ideas, and Aquarius is the sign of innovation, technology, and revolution. Humanitarian and scientific ideals should come to the forefront in the coming years and astrologers see tons of hope ahead for us all.


I'm excited to be asked to join fellow small business creatives in my local city for a pop-up at arguably one of the coolest shopping/hangout destinations around, Bow Market. As someone just starting out this is a huge opportunity for me to introduce myself to the community and being embraced so quickly by these business owners is so heartwarming and indicative of the local community outreach and I hope the energy of the years to come! 

If you're in the greater Boston area I hope you can stop by! I'll have a few adornments on sale at the market that aren't available online and keep an eye out for a giveaway on social media featuring all our shops! Link HERE to the event invite and all the information. Safety is paramount for the market and we highly suggest booking a shopping time slot ahead of time.

Here below are links to my fellow entrepreneurs and please follow them on social platforms!