The Year Ahead Spread

The Year Ahead Spread

Every year I pull a calendar spread of tarot and oracle cards between my birthday (December 2nd) and the beginning of the colonized calendar year, January 1st. I do it when it feels right. I need the right energy and head space and with chronic migraine that's a feat the find! 

This year it happened on the 1st. No storms causing havoc with the barometer, no stress of the holidays, still no job to come down from or ramp back up for. I wanted to share my spread and them for the year/January. I have major themes that I honestly feel encompass EVERYONE this year and a personal journey that seems to really push me to share in a variety of ways. 

The deck that guides me most thoroughly lately is the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi. They're incredibly in tune with the natural order and have the intuition to follow a unique path in the creation and interpretation of the cards. They've also created a few other decks, one of which is also used here in support of the more straightforward tarot but also as a spiritual essence and clarifying intuition card for each pull. The Supra oracle deck is the first oracle deck I've been called to connect with. It's alchemical, Hermetic and overall gnostic leanings are right up my symbol loving alley, haha 

Theme for the year:

Uusi Design Studio Pagan Otherworlds & Supra Cards

I pulled the Waning Gibbous card from the moon arcana in the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck and the Potential card from the Supra Oracle deck. The fact that their Potential card happens to have a horse in its depiction is not lost o me nor do I think mere coincidence. There are many ways for the decks to express these concepts and communicate what you need to see/hear.

In general terms there's a lot to be released and gained this year. The waning gibbous phase of the moon is the beginning of release. Recognition of the work ahead is paramount. The energy work I do this year will free me even more from limiting beliefs. Keeping the themes of 2020 alive and pushing them forward. Deep listening, stillness, patience, research/learning and absorption of the next lessons ahead are needed. I'm on the right path and if I do the work "powerful generative forces can bring something truly huge into my life. The potential card supports the tarot pull in that it is all about finding one's true self, one's true energy and intuition that fuels our potential.

We may all be in our various levels of self discovery however these concepts of working to release limiting beliefs and finding and celebrating our unique true voice in the world are ones that we can all benefit from at any point. In summary - this project is here to stay and I can't wait to show you what I dreamed up next!