Is this really happening?!

Is this really happening?!

I am so excited to manifest this collection and business! I've always sought out the unique and favored a large statement piece over delicate jewelry my entire life. I've valued small makers and formed lasting friendships with them through support and mutual appreciation for the creative process and shared aesthetics. Over 10 years ago (2009ish?) I remember sitting with my friend Cat and sketching out a bunch of designs I WISHED I could find on sale somewhere. Over the years I would pull them out, rework some of them and hope to start creating but there was never really the time (or money) to invest in really researching how to bring them to life. Pieces that were intentional in the feelings they invoked before I was really getting into talismanic and sigil spellwork myself.


A year or so ago I finally found an ethical source for the horse hair and purchased some... just to play around with. Well I ended up creating a few crude prototypes just for myself and I was so elated at their creation I didn't mind wearing them out in their rough state. Glue globs, a velvet ribbon in place of a leather strap, string instead of metal, they were a bit of a mess haha. When I started to get unique comments on them I knew that just maybe others would want to wear these pieces as well.


Fast forward to today, Pandemic 2020, no job since March (stressful) and a whole bunch of free time. Why not now! It takes a TON of work to put together a proper business. Not only were there designs to prototype and edit into a collection but also a website to purchase/design, social media presence, this blog, packaging, shipping, cards and stickers, business plan and pricing to balance with all the expenses, gah! It's been a tough journey but one I am grateful to have accomplished. I love these designs, I've found my happy place really is being stuck in my craft room making ALL DAY. While pulling this all together I made over 800 masks for friends and as donation and it filled me with peace and happiness to use my skills to make things for others.


I hope you enjoy my designs and check back often for the new new! As a Sagittarius I can't sit still on one idea too long so new designs and verticals are inevitable and I'm already reaching out to local forges for iron work etc. Stay tuned!


(image shows my designs as well as others and antiques)

(image shows a few of my designs mixed in with my favorite pieces from other small makers: Dark Child, Burial Ground, La Dama Luna, Thrjar  etc)