I've been working behind the scenes to create a collection of ritual products to accompany adornments. The items are ones I have used in my meditation and spellwork for years and I feel they compliment a wide range of meditation, ritual and spellwork. Useful on any altar and also beautiful when not in use.

The first offerings are a mix of handmade and vintage sourced and processed items. Handmade beeswax candles complete combination bell/candle holders which also match miniature goblets for offerings or to partake in a little cordial spirit.

Altar clear quartz offerings candles bells smoky quartz

*tray pictured by Hvnter Gvtherer

A bit of history on these beautiful brass vintage pieces from Kovels antiques:

“Sarna Brass” is a trademark owned by S.S. Sarna Inc. of Manhasset, N.Y. The business was started by Sajan Singh Sarna in 1920. Sarna was born in Rawalpindi in British India (now part of Pakistan). He came to the western United States to go to college and study dairy manufacturing. He found that people were interested in buying handcrafts from India, so he started an import business in about 1920. Brass, textiles and other items were among the products he sold. In 1938, after having a dream about a bell, he went to buy bells, which he sold to department stores in the United States. The bells, each with a “story” tag attached, were popular during the 1960s. His company became known as the Bells of Sarna."

Bells are a clean, simple and effective way of cleansing and clearing a space for meditation or ritual work! Sound can be used to evoke the air element and both open and close a ceremony.

bells of sarna & goblets from four horses

Hand rolled beeswax candles complete the collection. Offered in black and white to compliment the Pith collection and keep the energies focused on protection, clearing and centering. Beeswax is minimally processed to remove impurities and solidified into honeycomb pattern sheets. The texture is lovely to look at and beeswax has magical physical properties that enhance the candle color meanings. It releases negative ions into the air as it melts which bond to impurities and particles in the air making them too heavy to drift around. This clears the air of allergens and static. Negative ions are being studied in their effects on our brains with hypothesis on their lifting of moods and enhancing our dream state.

The collection also includes scrying mirrors, a lot more on those in the next blog post!