Exploring Clay

Exploring Clay

I've been an ideation machine lately. So many designs and ideas swirling around it's been hard to sleep from excitement and nervousness of missing out! Some of these ideas have me exploring new materials and with the reality of covid restrictions, ways to explore materials I can work with at home. I have reached out for collaborations with local forgers for some really cool pieces but while discussions are in the works I dove into air dry clay today!

If you want to learn anything YouTube is for sure your friend. I might even make my own videos as I explore these new ideas! For now I'm grateful to DIYers and professionals that share their knowledge so I can get over the how and get to the why.

Here's a sneak peek at my very first pieces. I'm sure there will be plenty of tweaking and I can't wait to show the finals even for these first pieces - hint: lots of paint and finishing work still to come. 

Air Clay Altar Offering Dishes

I initially started thinking that I'd explore FIMO modeling clay. My grandmother would make figurines for us and others all the time. She helped out with the creation of historically accurate house models and created pieces for these with the clay.

Though it's not the right medium for these altar pieces, I definitely will be getting into it for some adornment pieces. I'm always chasing that handmade quality in pieces I wear and carrying it over to these adornments, whether creating talismans or charms, is essential to their energy and expression.