A reflection of sorts on 2020

A reflection of sorts on 2020

I woke up to a lot this past year personally. I'm still learning to listen with intent and I was luckily handed many signs over and over from the universe to corral me onto the path forward. The spells that have been cast over us, the systems of control, are hard to shake. Even when I thought I was cheating them, operating outside, I wasn't and this year showed that to me.

To me it feels like 2020 shoved our faces into the shadow and threw a spotlight on absolutely everything. I'm not saying that millions of us weren't already aware and doing what we thought we could to point things out and inspire change. It's not a one year and done endeavor, this is multigenerational work we're embarking on. However this past year the universe has forced drastic measures and highlighted our lack of worldwide and local communication, of sharing, of taking care of one another, the Earth and ourselves.

The system's "spells" that are in place - of linear time, of capitalism, of colonization, scarcity - have repressed, pillaged, hoarded, and trapped us all on a wheel of inflicting pain and created an "other" when there has always been an all. I'm not writing from a place of knowing but from a place of constant learning and listening especially as an ancestor of colonizers living in colonized lands. 

I've already set the premise that this creative work I do needs to be in service of these personal and collective goals. My expression follows my aesthetic of course but it has to have meaning. It has to be able to impart energy that lifts and in order to do so it needs to be made with intention and clear of any ties to the spells that are set to harm. In fact I'm setting them against in every possible way.

So thank you for the growth 2020. I am SO grateful to still be alive and to be "journaling" on this page on the internet I worked so incredibly hard to manifest this past year. I'm so fulfilled, loved, grief stricken, enraged and frightened all at the same time. Making equal room for and processing all of the past year is a trip and I'm ready for the work in the years yet ahead.

{Pictured is my automatic writing session in reflection of 2020}